4 Things To Consider When Replacing A Roof


If you live in the Phoenix Valley, and the roof on your home is near or past its 20 year service life, it is only a matter of time before you will have to consider investing in a roof replacement. While the Valley is a fantastic place to live and raise a family, our environment, particularly the sun and wind can do a number on a tile, shingle or flat roof.

A roof replacement is no small project. For most homeowners it will be the largest single maintenance expense they will experience. But when you consider that your roof is essential to the safety and security of your largest single investment, your home, what you invest in replacing the roof seems reasonable and necessary.

Done right, a new roof will not only protect your home, it can lower your energy costs and significantly increase your curb appeal and property value. A new roof gives you peace of mind and a new sense of pride in ownership.

What To Consider When Replacing A Roof

Installing a new roof is no small job. You’re going to have a crew on your roof, probably one or two pieces of heavy equipment, a ton of debris, and it is going to be noisy. These are all things you need to consider when selecting a roofing contractor to do the job.

Specifically you want:

  1. A High Value Roofing Service. Unfortunately, there is a low threshold for getting into the roofing business. Three guys with ladders, a pickup truck, and a low bid is not the kind of high value contractor you want. Insist on a professional, licensed, fully insured, experienced contractor with current references — one who will Tell You the Truth About Your Roof! Roofing is a dangerous occupation. Ensure that everyone on your property is covered by workman compensation insurance to eliminate any liability you may have as the property owner.
  2. Debris Removal. A new roof means the old roof has to disappear. It’s not just a matter of removing tiles or shingles. It means removing all the underlayment, old roofing nails and debris that has found its way under your roof. Ensure the contractor agrees to remove all the trash and cleans the area to its original condition.
  3. Be a Good Neighbor. Let your neighbors know what you are up to at least a week in advance. The roofers will undoubtedly take up some street space, make a ton of noise particularly removing tiles, and generally be a distraction to your neighbors. Give them the date(s) of the installation so it doesn’t come as a surprise.
  4. Get It in Writing. A good salesman can sell anything. Don’t rely on the sales pitch, get all the terms down in writing. Specifically the scope of work, materials to be used, duration of the job, debris removal, terms of acceptance and total final price. Avoid proposals that are vague and not fully descriptive of work to be done. A good project manager will want to spend time to educate you on everything you do not understand in your proposal.

Nobody Said It Was Easy – But It’s Worth It

Locating, evaluating, and negotiating with a roofing contractor takes time and effort on your part but it is time well spent. You need to remain engaged in the project until it’s completion. That can become a tiring task if you are working with a contractor who doesn’t fully appreciate how big a deal a new roof is to you.

There’s a simple way to avoid that. Work with a professional, responsible roofing contractor with over 35 years of experience delivering value intense roofing services to homeowners like you in the Phoenix Valley. Select Roofstar of Arizona to handle your roof replacement.

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