About Us

About Roofstar Arizona Inc.

Roofstar Arizona Inc. will always tell you the truth. We will never sell you something you don’t need.

We create custom solutions that will make your home beautiful and bring a tremendous return on your investment. You will be proud, and your neighbors will be jealous!

We are insured, licensed, and certified for your protection. You can’t lose with Roofstar Arizona Inc.

Meet the Team

Meet the people who will bring Roofstar Arizona’s honor and integrity right to your front door.
Jeff Knudson, Owner

Jeff Knudson


He was a young man when it started.

Jeff Knudson was traveling across country with friends when they signed on to a roofing crew in Houston to earn some cash. Down the road in Denver, he became a roofing mechanic, foreman, salesman, and supervisor. In Phoenix, he ran his own office, estimating contracts for first-line builders. Next it was on to Universal Roofers, where Jeff became a division manager for a $2.5 million Sun City West contract. In his own words, Jeff has “seen the roofing business up and down, inside and outside.”

He’s never lost his Midwestern values.

After more than 45 years, Jeff is still very much committed to honest assessments, fair pricing, and quality workmanship. Roofstar Arizona maintains the spirit of the neighborhood contractor. “I do get real satisfaction providing an honest assessment on what they have – and what really needs to be done.”

Kevin Murdock

Kevin Murdock

Office Manager

Kevin has been the Office Manager of Roofstar Arizona since 2008 and has been thrilled to watch the company change and grow over the years. The “office” he originally worked in was just 80 square feet (a little bigger than a broom closet) and we’re now in an office building that is about 5,000 square feet! He loves being a part of the Roofstar team and is especially thankful to be working alongside his daughter, Brittany! In his free time, Kevin enjoys baking (his specialties are muffins and cinnamon rolls!), spending time with his black lab, Nellie and bowling. Since 2008, he has been actively serving at his church, The Door Tempe in the areas of prayer and music. Fun fact: Kevin can whistle without moving his lips… Also, make sure to ask us about “National We Love Kevin Day!”



Operations Manager

My name is Daniel and I have 15 years’ experience in retail and sales. I had no experience in roofing when I joined the company. With training and fostering from Jeff, the owner, I was able to learn roofing quickly. I spent 4 years as a project manager and salesman. I love working for this company thanks to its values and the family that has been fostered at Roofstar and I am honored to be a part of it. I spend most of my time with my 4 dogs and spending time with friends. I am an avid gamer and toy collector as well.


Mathew Arellano

Field Superintendent

I have always had a love for construction, but I wasn’t sure what type of construction I wanted to get into. My stepfather Santiago Carrillo, who was a crew foreman for Roofstar introduced me a young 19-year-old to the company in 2015 and I began working as a crew helper. It was a brutal summer day in August where my love for roofing began. Jeff Knudson who I refer to as ‘Papi Jeff’ began mentoring me and passing on all his knowledge of roofing to me. Jeff has helped me advance in my career and truly made me feel like family. I have met many wonderful people through the years and have seen the company grow in many ways. This company has helped me grow in my personal life to my career life as well. I’m truly blessed to have started working for an honest and family-oriented person like Jeff. We really are a family here at Roofstar Arizona, Inc.



Project Coordinator

My name is Brittany but have a nickname of “Burt” and I’m the project coordinator at Roofstar Arizona Inc. I’ve been working at Roofstar since 2018 and absolutely love it here! I’m married to my husband Ryan and we both were born/raised in Arizona and love being here. We absolutely love gardening and working on our backyard always to make it better. We have one cat named little. I enjoy all my interactions daily with all our clients and the staff here. I look forward to connecting with you via phone call, text, or e-mail I’m always happy to help in whatever way I can to make sure your experience with Roofstar is the BEST.



Project Manager

Hi, I’m Pablo Diaz. I am a young and determined project manager at Roofstar Arizona. I really love this company because we are all family here. And those who we work with become a part of it. A bit about me is that I absolutely love soccer, I come from a soccer playing family. From waking up early weekend days and practicing late weekday nights. I am a sensitive, caring , and outgoing guy. So my mother says.. I live with my girlfriend Diana. She is a loving person that I adore so much! I also have a beautiful pit bull that I have had for about 4 years, and I have a very cute Yorkshire Terrier. Well anyways if you need some roofing help. Let us know! However, get comfortable because when you work with us, you are stuck in our family for good! We will always look out for you!

Mary Knudson

Mary Knudson

Project Estimator

Mary is Jeff Knudson’s youngest daughter and has been working for Roofstar Arizona since 2017. She decided to join the family business after graduating from the University of Arizona and falling in love with the roofing industry. Mary has done everything from inspecting to bookkeeping for us, but currently is one of our estimators. When she’s not estimating at work, you can find her bird watching, roller skating, cross stitching, or out on an adventure with her partner Corrin and their dog.




My name is Angelica and I’m the Bookkeeper at Roofstar Arizona Inc.

My husband Daniel & I love to travel and try new food. I’ve lived in Mexico, Washington state, and came back to Arizona after Washington. You’ll find me reading, planning celebrations, helping out with children’s church, and hanging out with family throughout the week. Looking forward to helping you here at Roofstar Arizona Inc.

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