Ask Roofstar: Can You Reroof Over An Existing Roof?

Roof Replacement

If your roof needs replacement, you may be thinking about different ways to fix the problem and save some money in the process. Sometimes, you can reroof over an existing roof. It just depends on your situation.

Keep reading to learn more as Roofstar answers the question: Can you reroof over an existing roof?

The Question: Can You Reroof Over An Existing Shingle Roof?

Many homeowners find themselves asking this question when they notice problems with their roof. For shingle roofs, when shingles are broken, falling, missing, or damaged,you still may be able to overlay the existing shingles with new shingles and save the cost and mess of tearing off the old roof. 


Reroofing a tile roof involves replacing the old underlayment and flashings. Some roofers will lay new underlayment over the old, but generally this is a bad idea on tile roof. We always recommend replacing the underlayment.

Can You Reroof Over An Existing Flat Roof?

If your roof is flat and has some type of asphalt roll roofing, you may be able to do an overlay if the existing old roof is clean, dry and tight. Often asphalt rolled roofs are overlayed with sprayed polyurethane foam roofing.

Depending on your roof’s current condition, an overlay may not be the right answer. That’s why it’s important to have an honest assessment and all the information before deciding.

What Roofstar Says

Can You Reroof Over An Existing Roof?

A reroof involves replacing your existing roof covering. For most homeowners in Arizona, that means doing work on either shingles, tiles or flat roofs. Roofers will focus on repairing the outermost layer of your roof rather than the entire covering plus any supportive structures underneath.

You can re-roof over pieces of your existing roof if it only has one layer of shingles. However, roofs that need significant work may benefit more from a total roof replacement. 

Can You Put One Layer of Shingles Over Another?

If your roof only has one layer of shingles, placing an “overlay” over the old worn shingles on your roof may be an option. Overlays, part of the re-roofing process, allow you to fix patches of your roof without having to replace the entire thing. 

How Many Layers of Shingles Are Allowed on a Roof? 

Arizona’s building codes allow residential homes to have no more than two layers of shingles on a roof. If your roof has two layers of shingles and is in need of repairs, you’ll most likely need to do a full replacement. 

What Is the Longest Lasting Roof?

The longest-lasting roofing materials are concrete, slate, or clay tiles, all of which can last up to or over 100 years if properly installed and maintained. 

Start Smart: Get the Truth About Your Roof

Deciding between replacing your roof and getting a re-roof can be difficult for many homeowners. Both options have different pros and cons. But depending on your roof’s age and condition, one option may be the better decision for you. Before you do anything, it’s best to have an expert perform an inspection on your roof to gain a full understanding of what it needs. 

At Roofstar Arizona, our professional roofers can perform a complete roof inspection and give you a better idea of whether you have to replace your entire roof or if you can get away with a re-roof. Whatever the problem is, you can be sure that our roofers will only give you the truth about your roof.

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