Ask Roofstar: Do Roof Repairs or Re-Roofs Come With A Warranty?

What is a roof warranty? Do roof repairs or re-roofs come with a warranty? How long does a roof warranty last?

If these questions are flying through your mind, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the answers to all your questions on warranties and roof work.

The Question: Do Roof Repairs or Re-Roofs Come With A Warranty?

A warranty is a written promise given to a buyer by a contractor or seller that promises to repair or replace any product or workmanship within a specific timeframe. Roof warranties help homeowners feel secure spending money on their roof repair or re-roof project. Keep reading to learn all your need to know about roof warranties. 

What Roofstar Says

Do Roof Repairs or Re-Roofs Come With A Warranty? 

Every roofer should offer some form of warranty on a roof repair or re-roof. At Roofstar Arizona, all our roofing projects come with a full warranty. That way, you can feel secure in the safety of your home and our services. 

How Long Does a Roof Warranty Last?

The length of a roof warranty depends on the roofing company providing the work, the type of job, and the materials used on your roof. Roofers also tend to provide different warranty lengths on materials and labor. 

For example, roofers may offer one year warranty on the materials used on your roof and five, ten, or fifteen years on labor. 

What Voids a Roof Warranty?

Many things can void a roof warranty, and it’s important to understand what they are before deciding on a roofing contractor or trying to enact the warranty. Some common things that void a roof warranty include:

  • Poor Installation. Most material warranties on roofs are actually from the manufacturer of the materials, not the roofing contractor themself. These manufacturers have several standards for how materials must be installed, such as the number and length of nails. If you use an inexperienced roofer that doesn’t correctly install materials, it could void your warranty. 
  • Antennas. Many homes have an antenna or satellite dish on their roof. Unfortunately, if a satellite dish or antenna falls or causes damage to your roof, it can void your labor warranty. 
  • DIY. It can be tempting to patch a leaky roof by yourself, but this can quickly backfire. The moment you work on your roof by yourself is when your warranty is voided since the work done on the roof is no longer by the original roofing contractor. DIYing your roof is also a bad idea because a warranty often covers leaks and other minor problems.
  • Pressure Washing. A clean roof is a dream for many homeowners. But pressure washing can damage shingles, thus voiding your warranty. Luckily, there are other ways to clean your roof, like using metallic zing strips that release an anti-fungal treatment when it rains.

Get the Truth About Your Roof

Roofstar Arizona offers full warranties on all our re-roof and roof repair jobs. We are a trusted roofing company with years of experience helping homeowners in Phoenix with their roofs. If you’re looking for a warrantied roofing job done right, Roofstar will never let you down. 

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