Ask Roofstar: How to Find a Roofing Company You Can Trust


When it comes to your roof, you want a company you can trust. Your roof is an integral part of the health and safety of your home, and when it comes to repair and replacement, you need to know your roofers will do the right job for the right amount of money. Roofstar is here to give you some tips on how to find a roofing company you can trust, so you can get it done right the first time without any hassle.

Roofstar Says

So, how do you find a roofing company you can trust? Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Reach Out: It’s always a good idea to scope out a company before you give them your money. Find the top roofing contractors in your area (including Roofstar) and reach out to them with any questions you may have. The right company will be happy to answer your questions with satisfying responses.
  • Check Their Credentials: To make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate business, look up their information, including if they’re properly licensed and insured.
  • Do Some Research: Look up reviews and testimonials from customers online. You can tell a lot about a company based on what their customers – both pleased and displeased – have to say about them. You can also check the Better Business Bureau or your local chamber of commerce.
  • Schedule an Estimate: One of the best ways to determine if a roofing company is trustworthy is to meet them face-to-face. Schedule a free estimate and make sure to ask them plenty of questions, including about their credentials, their experience, and their procedure.

For more information, check out this blog for a roofing contractor checklist.

The Roofstar Difference: Telling you the Truth

Roofstar Arizona was founded with the promise of always doing right by our customers. That’s why Roofstar’s motto is “we’ll tell you the truth about your roof.” We know that homeowners don’t always have the right experience to know everything about how their roof works, and we’ll never take advantage of that like some roofing companies do.

By always telling you the truth about your roof, we mean that we’ll give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your home and your family. Whether a roof needs to be replaced or just needs a few repairs to renew its lifespan, we will never withhold or manipulate information to persuade you towards a certain decision.

In addition to our moral code, Roofstar Arizona has an extensive training program that ensures that our roofers are the best in the valley. We have the expertise needed to make sure your roof remains safe and healthy for years longer than the average.

Ready to get started on repairs or a replacement for your roof? Call Roofstar Arizona now at (480) 426-1915 to schedule a free estimate, or just to ask us any questions that you may have. We’ll always tell you the truth about your roof!

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