Ask Roofstar: What Is Included In A Roof Replacement?

The Question: What Is Included In A Roof Replacement?

Your roof is a critical component of your home’s structure, providing shelter and protection from the elements. However, like any other part of your home, it will eventually wear out and need replacement. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? Signs that it’s time to replace your roof include persistent leaks, damaged or missing shingles, granule loss, damaged flashing, and an aging roof. Don’t wait until it’s too late to address these issues – a timely roof replacement can save you money in the long run and protect your home from further damage.

Roofstar Says:

At Roofstar, a roof replacement involves a comprehensive process designed to provide Mesa, AZ homeowners with a durable, long-lasting roof. Our services include removing the existing roofing materials, inspecting the underlying structure for damage, repairing or replacing damaged components, and installing high-quality new roofing materials. Additionally, we ensure proper ventilation and flashing installation for maximum protection against leaks and weather damage. Our experienced team takes care of all necessary permits and adheres to local building codes to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free experience.

What Is Replaced When Redoing A Roof?

When redoing a roof, the following components are typically replaced:

  • Shingles or roofing materials
  • Underlayment
  • Metal Flashings
  • Roof ventsVentilation systems
  • Damaged decking, or sheathing, fascia or trim molding.
  • Drip edges
  • Ridge caps
  • Repair of dDamaged rafters or trusses (if needed)
  • Repairs are often required at stucco walls.

How Long Does A Reroof Last?

The lifespan of a reroof depends on the materials used and the quality of installation. On average, a reroof can last:

  • Asphalt shingles: 15-30 years
  • Metal roofing: 40-70 years
  • Tile roofing: 30-50 years
  • Wood shingles: 250-245 years


Keep in mind that proper maintenance and regular inspections can prolong the life of your roof, while harsh weather conditions and other factors may shorten it.

How Long Should It Take To Reroof A House?

The time it takes to reroof a house depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the roof, the type of roofing materials used, and the efficiency of the roofing crew. Generally, reroofing a house can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. For a standard-sized home with a simple roof design using asphalt shingles, the process might take 2-4 days. However, for larger homes, more complex roof designs, or specialized materials like metal or tile, the reroofing process could take longer, potentially up to several weeks. Weather conditions can also impact the timeline of a reroofing project.

Get The Truth About Your Roof

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