Best Underlayment For Tile Roof In Arizona


Underlayment is an incredibly important part of your roof – in fact, it’s one of the main lines of defense against weather like rain seeping into and damaging your home. Want to know more about roof underlayment and its purpose on your roof? Read on.

What Is Underlayment?

Roof underlayment is a layer of water-resistant or waterproof material installed right above the roof deck and right below the shingles. It plays an important role in protecting your roof from weather, such as rain and wind.

Underlayment is an incredibly important part of your roof’s health and safety. If your shingles blow off during a storm or become worn down, it may be the underlayment that protects your roof from the elements.

Synthetic vs. Felt Underlayment for Arizona Roofs

There are two most commonly used types of roof underlayment: synthetic and asphalt felt. Both have pros and cons, but they do have their differences.

Synthetic underlayment is newer and more modern compared to its felt counterpart. It’s made by weaving polyethylene or polypropylene materials together with a polymer. Synthetic underlayments are safer to install and lighter than felt underlayments, which makes them a popular choice for some roofers. In addition, they stand up better to strong winds.

Felt underlayment, also known as asphalt-saturated felt, is made from a blend of polyester, cellulose, bitumen, asphalt, and rubberizers or ‘modifiers’    It has a basemat saturated with asphalt for extra water resistance. This type of underlayment is also referred to as felt paper or tar paper. The most popular felts are  30-pound, and 40-pound.

Do Tile Roofs Require Underlayment?

Yes. Almost all roofs, including tile roofs, require at least one, and sometimes two, layers of underlayment —   Tile roofs, which are at risk of having tiles blown off in a storm and exposing the layer underneath to weather depend on a waterproof underlayment to keep you dry.

What Is the Best Underlayment for a Tile Roof?

While both felt and synthetic underlayments have their benefits and downsides, synthetic underlayment has still not proven itself as a viable underlayment in the Arizona desert climate. How Long Does Tile Roof Underlayment Last?

How long your tile roof’s underlayment lasts will depend on multiple factors, such as the original quality of installation and attention to detail, the level of exposure to weather, pests, and the type and quality of underlayment used.  Felt underlayment generally lasts from 20 to 30 years.

No matter which type of underlayment your roof has, regular inspections and maintenance are critical to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Roof Tile Underlayment?

Felt underlayment is cheaper than synthetic underlayment, so the total cost will depend on which material you choose. Generally, replacing the underlayment for a concrete tile roof will cost between $$3.20 and $$4.00 per square foot of roof area. Clay tile and sand cast tiles are more.

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