Biggest Problem Areas On Phoenix Roofs


Houses come with many things, a roof being one of them–well, hopefully! The roof is just one part of the house that should be maintained to avoid any need for heavy repairs down the line. If you’re a homeowner in the Phoenix area, below we’ll discuss some common problem areas on Phoenix roofs that you may want to be aware of.

It’s a Dry Heat On That Roof

Arizona has a dry climate and heavy monsoon season which can result in significant, unexpected leaks.  An unaddressed leak or poorly executed leak repair can cause larger problems later on. It may be a good idea to get your roof assessed to prevent such damage from occurring in the first place, and Roofstar Arizona Inc. can help with that. We’ll tell you the truth about your roof.

Low-quality products or materials can also contribute to roof problems. They may cause you to waste more energy than needed. At Roofstar Arizona Inc., we use the best materials built to last in Arizona climate and elements.

In addition to weathering and materials, lack of maintenance and shoddy design can also contribute to roof issues.

Problems can be different depending on what kind of roof your home has.

Different Roof Problems In Phoenix

Flat Roof Problems

According to American Weatherstar, the following are common problems with flat roofs in Phoenix:

  • Exposure: Roofs are constantly exposed to the sun and other elements, damage from the outside world is inevitable. This can come from wind, hail, you name it.
  • Leaks: Flat roofs with asphalt-based roof systems age and shrink as oils are baked out over time, leaving gaps around penetrations. As they become more brittle roofing tends to pull loose from metal flashings like drip edges and scuppers.
  • Punctures or tears: Flat roofs can get punctures or tears from storm damage, foot traffic, or tree and palm branches falling on the roof.
  • Biological growth: If water ponds for an extended period of time, plants and algae can start to grow. Small areas of water (“bird baths”) retained on the roof for 2 – 3 days are common and are not a concern.

That’s quite a few right? If you have any questions, contact us at (480) 426-1915! You can always trust our team to give you all of the information you need to know.

Tile Roof Problems

Problems on tile roofs in Phoenix include:

  • Cracked, broken, or sliding tiles
  • Corrosion
  • Deteriorating materials
  • Accumulation of debris in valley areas.
  • Moisture staining or rot at overhangs, fascia, and trim

Shingle Roof Problems

If you have a shingle roof in Phoenix be wary of problems like:

  • Accumulation of Debris
  • Cracks in the sealant around penetrations.
  • Wind damage and other weather damage
  • Shingle imperfections or missing shingles
  • Blistering, curling, and granule loss or shedding layers
  • Moisture staining or rot at overhangs, fascia, and trim

Next Steps

Talk a walk around your home and look under the overhangs. If you happen to notice any of these problems and want to know what they mean for your roof’s integrity and condition, give us a call! If you want your roof serviced, get a free estimate from us too!

As Roofstar Arizona Inc., we offer roofing, roofing repair, real estate (roofing inspections), and re-roofing services. We will work with you and make sure you have a proper roof for your home.

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