Can You Live In The Home During A Re-Roof?

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Nobody looks forward to learning that their roof needs maintenance or replacement. However, if your roof needs help, you really do need it done as soon as possible and so you probably have a whole bunch of questions about it. The top question is usually, “can you live In the home during a Re-Roof”?

What is a Re-Roof?

Re-roofing or roof replacement consists of constructing from scratch a new waterproof covering for your home. Many components (sometimes dozens) are built together to create this covering. Most of our customers live in their home  throughout the re-roof process.  Some families find it is more pleasant to schedule some time away. How Long Does it Take to Rebuild a Roof?

Every circumstance is different, but the good news is that generally speaking, a rebuild in good weather only takes days instead of weeks. Every type of roof has its own timeline. Tile roofs, like those we find often here in the Phoenix-Mesa area are much heavier and the process is more intricate, so it typically takes four to nine days to get your tile roof replaced. Other factors that can affect how long it will take include the following considerations:

  • Size: the square footage of the home and roof affects the time it will take to complete
  • Angles/Pitch: the aspects of the various parts of the roof  – how steep they are affects how we work, including safety considerations that can add time
  • Extent of any damage: is there damage to the roof deck that needs to be repaired first?
  • Roof Access from the ground: Accessibility of the roof from the ground – are there multiple places we can get men, materials and equipment to the roof?
  • Weather: unexpected weather is rare here, but it can happen. Work goes slower in the summer here in Greater Phoenix as roofers are affected by extreme heat.

For a partial re-roof, the kind where just a part of the roof needs replacing, we can get you a simple estimate that we stick to. Usually, it is just a day or two to get a repair done.

When Does a Roof Need to be Replaced?

All roofs have a limited life span. The average home will need a roof replacement every 15-25 years or so. It depends on the type of roofing material, so if you have any concerns, reach out to your local quality roofer like us. You should call us if you notice any buckling, strange gaps or “wobbly” appearance to the roof. Also, if you are experiencing unexplained leaks or stains from the ceiling or if you are hearing odd noises when it’s windy or raining. Obviously, if you are seeing tiles that look broken or worn, or if any ever come away from or fall off the roof you should call us right away.

How do I Prepare for a Re-Roofing

With any work occurring on your roof, you will want to make sure you take the necessary safety precautions. A Roofstar, we take safety extremely seriously and will have specific guidance tailored to your situation, but generally you want to know the following things to prepare for a re-roofing or replacement:

  • Clear away vehicles, grills, outdoor furniture, toys and so on both to assist us with access and to prevent any possibility of damage. Cover or prune back any plants you need protected or that could block access
  • Be prepared for the noise. It is loud and the banging can be irritating
  • Cover belongings that can’t be moved, and move or cover items in the attic that could be affected
  • Give your neighbors a heads up so they can be prepared as well
  • Pets and children are not a good mix with roofing work, so finding someplace else for them to be during the workday at a minimum is the safest bet
  • Secure or remove paintings/wall hangings or other precious/breakable items attached to walls.
  • Be prepared for a small amount of debris to fall through exhaust vents or stove vents.

There you have all the information on living at home during re-roofing and roof replacement. If you have any other questions or if you need to hear the truth about your roof, give us a call at (480) 426-1915 and get a free estimate for a re-roof.

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