Hiring A Roofing Contractor Checklist


When you start to suspect your roof needs work you need to know what questions to ask your roofing contractor to get the best service possible. You need to find the best roofing contractor, one you can trust that will tell you the truth about your roof. Our “hiring a roofing contractor checklist” is just what you need to help you make the best decision.

How Do You Evaluate A Roofing Contractor?

The most important thing to a homeowner is the safety and value of their property. You can’t just turn something as important as your roof over to novices, or worse yet, to fly-by-night companies. You need a roofer that will tell you the truth about your roof, one who has the experience, skills, and longevity to do something as important as work on your home’s most important protective element. The questions you ask will get you the answers you need to hire the most highly-qualified and trustworthy roofing contractor, so be sure to check out that list in this blog post. Most importantly, you need to know about their experience, their licensing and insurance, their warranties, processes, and results.

Questions To Ask Your Roofer

There are questions to ask them, and questions to ask the references they provide. See below for the most important questions to ask the contracting company, but we also want to remind you that there are some questions for the referrals they send you as well. For example, who did the work? How did they behave? Did they protect your property? Did they clean up any hazards and messes? Was the work completed in a timely manner? How did they handle any problems or concerns?

You may have other questions specific to your type of roof, your region of the country, or other concerns, but it is important to address the basics so you can trust the company you hire.

What Information Should Be Included In Your Estimate

You should be provided with a “Scope of Work” document that details what the repairs, renovations or replacement will be along with an estimate of the costs and work hours it will take to complete the work. It should include details about your warranty options and include all line items including information about clean up.

Good contractors will go over these details with you and answer all your questions.

But, before you get to that point, there is plenty of information you need to know so use the checklist below to help you find the best roofing contractor for your job.

Hiring A Roofing Contractor Checklist

  • Do a little research – Find the top companies in your area, like we are for the Phoenix-Mesa area, and select two or three you want to contact. Especially important here is to see how they respond to you.
  • Find out what their customers say about them – check their reviews and testimonials. Be on the alert if they don’t have any that are easy to find.
  • Schedule an estimate and be ready with that list of questions to ask during the roof inspection. The most important include questions are about their experience, their licensing and insurance, their warranties, and their processes. See our complete list of important questions. A few of the most important are below.
    • Are they fully licensed and insured?
    • Confirm status on State website
    • What is your experience, how many years in business?
    • Get referral list
    • Procedure (exactly how it will work including daily clean up/safety protocols)
  • Do your due diligence. Check their referrals, licensing, and any information they gave you. If the company has been around for decades, like we have, that is helpful to know, the same as it is important to know if a company is only a few years old.
  • Evaluate and compare roofing companies to find the best fit.
  • Make your decision with confidence and when you get the contract, double-check to be sure your understanding matches what is written in the contract before you sign.

Work With A Roofer Who Tells You The Truth About Your Roof

In conclusion, you want to hire the RIGHT roofing contractor. One with the experience and ethics to do the best job in the best possible way. If you are in the Phoenix-Mesa area, that company is us, Roofstar, Arizona, Inc where we always tell you the truth about your roof. Reach out to us at (480) 426-1915 right away to schedule a free estimate.

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