How Arizona’s Sun and Heat Impact Your Roof Tiles


We all know how scorching hot it gets in the summer here in Arizona. You may have experienced the rapid deterioration of items left outdoors like your patio furniture and cushions, garden hoses, and garden ornaments. If they are not made of incredibly durable materials, they don’t last very long. Now consider your roof that has full exposure to those hot days year in and year out! Most homeowners quickly realize they need to know more about how Arizona’s brutal sun and heat affects their roof and its longevity before making any decisions about their home’s roof; whether that is a new build, a repair, or a replacement.

How Hot Does a Roof Get in the Summer?

First, we need to know how hot it gets up there to know how it will impact the roof and its components. Would you be shocked to learn that it can be up to 50 degrees hotter on the roof than the ambient temperature? Since we all know we get 100 to 120 degree days during the summer, that means we can be sure that our roofs have seen many days at 150 degrees and possibly up to 170 degrees at times. And that doesn’t even include the impacts of high winds and monsoons that can further exploit how the tiles are affected by the heat.

Does Heat Affect Your Roof?

Yes, the heat definitely affects your roof. And, just like those outdoor items, if you don’t choose the quality that will greatly affect how long your roof can last without developing issues. Tile is an excellent choice for the Valley and that is why you see so many varieties of tile on roofs here. In Arizona, most tiles are either made of clay or concrete. Slate roofs are uncommon here, mostly due to their high cost, but they are still extremely effective against the heat and incredibly durable.

Although the heat affects roofs the way we described, the real danger to a roof in Arizona comes from insults to the tile, which could be cracked, but are more likely to be the result of storms pulling tiles up or damaging them. This reveals the underlayment which can’t hold up to the weather on its own. We can’t easily see our rooftops and that is why we recommend regular checks. You can walk the perimeter of your home checking for any damage or if anything looks out of place and you can also check the ceiling of your attic to stay on top of potential issues. You can also call us for regular checkups every few years at a minimum or after any particularly disruptive weather.

How Long Will a Tile Roof Last in AZ?

A typical tile roof will last at least 50 years in Arizona. Clay tile is the most durable with the potential to survive 100 years or more, but concrete tile will also provide a high-quality roof that can hold its own against our raging heat waves. With effective maintenance and quickly applied repairs, these roofs can last even longer.

What is the Best Underlayment for a Tile Roof in Arizona?

There are two main types of superior quality roofing underlayment for our climate. The two types are synthetic felt underlayment. You can read much more detail about your options in our post on that subject, but the short version is that felt underlayment is a proven, high-quality choice that has shown it can hold up to 20 or 30 years of Arizona’s punishing weather.

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