How To Check The Roof When Buying A Home

A home’s roof is its most important feature. After all, the roof is what keeps you safe from harsh weather conditions and provides warmth and comfort for your household. When you’re purchasing a house, getting a roof inspection is a vital step you need to take. But not everyone knows how to check a roof before putting an offer in on a house. If you want to know the truth about a roof before you buy that house, keep reading to learn more about how to check a roof when buying a home.

What do Roof Inspectors Look For?

When purchasing a home, it’s always a smart idea to hire a professional to inspect the roof rather than relying on your own knowledge. Professional roof inspectors are able to take a close look at a home’s roof and provide a thorough inspection that gives you a detailed idea of the roof’s condition.

When a roof inspector comes to evaluate a roof, they’re generally looking for any leaks, damage, growth of moss or mildew, damage to shingles, wear and tear, debris damage, irregularities, and more.

Roof Inspection vs. Free Estimate

You may be wondering what the difference between a roof inspection and a free estimate is. Roof inspections require a small investment and come with a full documented report, photos, and roof drawing. Since you a paying for the inspector’s time you will (should) get an honest assessment of the roof’s condition, what repairs or replacement is required, and the remaining life expectancy of the existing roof. When a homeowner is selling their home or a buyer is looking to purchase one, either party may ask for a roof inspection.

. On the other hand, contractors providing “free estimates” often tweak repair proposals to their advantage just to get the work and cover costs of the “free” estimate. Free estimates are a hook all contractors use to get a salesman in front of you and may not provide the honest assessment you need to make the best decision in buying your new home. Saving a few bucks up front may cost you thousands of dollars within two or three years.

How do You Inspect a Roof Before Buying a House?

If you want to do your own preliminary inspection of a roof when you’re touring a house to potentially purchase, keep an eye out for the following things that could signal there are some problems with the roof:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Broken tiles
  • Mold or mildew growth at wood overhangsWater stains
  • Granules from shingles on the ground
  • Blocked gutters

Can You Ask a Seller to Replace a Roof?

Buying a home is a negotiation, which means you can always ask a seller to replace a roof if it’s something you’re interested in. If you are going to take this route, you’ll want to make sure you have a roof inspection, done by a professional, to certify the roof’s poor condition. If the seller refuses to replace the roof and sell you the home at the same price, you may also consider splitting the cost of a new roof with a seller or asking to buy the home for a lower price so that you can replace the roof yourself.

Get A Professional Roof Inspection

To put it simply, if you’re going to buy or sell a home, you’re going to want a roof inspection done by a team of professionals. At Roofstar Arizona, we understand that real estate deals work on tight schedules, which is why we prioritize inspections. Call our office today to set up a roof inspection at a time that works for you. We’ll tell you the truth about your roof.

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