How To Choose A Color For Your Roof in Arizona

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If you’re a homeowner looking into getting a new roof, you’re probably not only thinking about practicality – you also want something that looks good and gives your house a renewed, beautiful look. A big part of a roof’s aesthetic is its color. But how do you decide what color your roof should be?

How to Choose a Color for Your Roof in Arizona

If you’re choosing a new color for your roof, you may want to factor in the roofs of your neighbors, so that your new roof blends with the whole neighborhood. You’ll want to pay attention to the color of your house, as well. Imagine it with a few different colors – or even take a picture and add different colors in Photoshop – to see what matches best.

Traditional Arizonan colors match our beautiful desert landscape – muted shades of brown, red, and gold. Other classic roof colors are shades of beige, gray, and black. Manufacturers name some of their shades Painted Desert, Copper Canyon, Desert Mirage, Sedona Red, or Thunderstorm Gray. These are almost always a good bet when considering a color change. However, you also want to keep in mind the climate. While darker colors tend to hold and retain heat, lighter colors reflect heat and thus absorb less. However, with today’s energy-efficient homes even black colored roofs will not add excessive heat gain into the home.

How Do You Pick a Roof Color?

Ultimately, picking a roof color is up to the homeowner – and, if applicable, the HOA of the neighborhood in which you reside. Some HOAs have restrictions about what color roofs are acceptable, and may even have a list of approved colors for you to choose from. Be sure to think carefully before deciding, though. You have to see your house every day – you don’t want to end up regretting your choice! If you’re unsure, talk to your roofing contractors about your options.

What Is the Best Roof Color?

That question will have a different answer for everyone. The “best” roof color depends on multiple different factors, including where you live, your HOA, the roofs of your neighbor’s houses, and more. Remember your roof is important to your home’s curb appeal and provides the first visual impression.  A beautiful, unique roof covering sets your home apart from others nearby.

How Can I Match My Roof Color to My House Color?

A general guideline is that the color of your roof should be darker than the color of your house. This helps with the overall balance of the house’s aesthetic.

Is a Light Roof or a Dark Roof Better?

Both light-colored roofs and dark-colored roofs have their advantages. Generally, in hot climates such as Arizona, it is considered better to have a light-colored roof, as light colors reflect more UV light instead of absorbing it the way that dark colors do. This could have a bigger impact on your electricity bill than you’d have thought since your AC might have to work harder if a dark roof is trapping heat in your home. Attic insulation should be a minimum of R-30, and radiant barriers can be installed to reduce heat gain.

However, other factors also affect the insulation and heat absorption of your home, such as the material your roof is made out of.

Thinking of getting a new roof and want to switch up the color? We hope that this blog has helped give you some ideas about how your new roof will look. If you have more questions or want to get the reroofing process started, call Roofstar Arizona now at (480)-426-1915. We’ll tell you the truth about your roof!

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