How To Read A Quote For Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Dealing with a roof in need of repair? If you’ve noticed leaky spots, moldy shingles, or any other signs of roof issues, you’ve more than likely called a few local roofing contractors to give you an estimate on the repair. Once a roofer inspects your roof and provides an estimate, knowing how to read a quote for a roof repair is essential. You shouldn’t choose a roofing contractor until you understand exactly what you need to look for.

What Should A Roof Quote Include?

The biggest thing to remember as you’re reading a roofing quote is that they vary significantly for several reasons. However, even though roof repair quotes vary, most of them include the same basic elements. 

  • Project Timeline: Knowing how long the contractor expects the project to take is fundamental. 
  • List of Materials: Any quote for a roofing project should include the types and brands of the roofing materials the contractor plans to use. Common materials include shingles, underlay, flashing, and ventilation
  • Proof of Insurance and Licensure: Your roofing estimate should include the contractor’s proof of a roofing license. They should also demonstrate that they have liability insurance and workers’ compensation, which are both required by Arizona.
  • Warranty Information: Many roofers offer their services with a guarantee or warranty. If they do, they should include that information in the quote. 
  • Add-Ons and Provisions: Not all projects cost the exact amount listed in the estimate. For this reason, most roofing contractors will include a section on provisions or add-ons and how they will impact the project’s total cost. 

How To Read A Quote

Here are the steps to reading a roof repair quote from a contractor. 

1. Review Materials

Your quote should statethe materials the roofing contractor plans to use, listing the manufacturer and product. For instance, rolled underlayments vary wildly in quality. Historically, 15# felt weighed 15 pounds per 100 square feet (1 roofing square), 30# weighed 30 pounds etc. Nowadays 30# felt can weigh anywhere from 16 to 27 pounds per square and anywhere in between. So, heavier is better, right? Not necessarily. It depends on the quality of the organic mat and properties of asphalt used to saturate the mat. You should review this section to ensure the materials and brands are what you expect and ask your contractor to answer any of your questions.. If your proposal is vague regarding materials and installation methods you can probably expect the same from your finished product.

2. Understand Payment

Ensure you understand how and when the contractor expects to be paid for their services. You should also be aware of all payment deadlines to avoid extra fees.

3. Check for Any Guarantees or Warranties

Many contractors offer a guarantee on materials or warranties on their work. Be sure to look for this information on the estimate and ask follow-up questions if you need to clarify anything. 

4. Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask follow-up questions about a roof repair quote. An honest roofing contractor with quality services will always be happy to clarify and answer your questions. 

Why Do Roofing Quotes Vary So Much?

Roofing quotes are known to vary quite a bit when it comes to the project timeline and estimated project cost. While many homeowners search for the cheapest bid, it’s important to understand why roofing quotes vary so much. 

Generally, the variation in roofing quotes can be boiled down to three things: experience, quality of outcome, and materials. Experienced roofers that produce high-quality results may cost more. But you usually get what you pay for at the end of the day. 

Get A Free Quote On Your Roofing Project

Now that you know how to read a quote for a roof repair, it’s time to start calling local roofing contractors for estimates! 

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