Patio Roof Replacement & Repair

The reason we call it a “dry heat” here in Arizona is because of how much relief shade provides. And that’s what you need from your patio. If you spend a lot of time hanging out in your patio’s shade, you’ll begin to appreciate your patio roof. So what do you need to know about patio roof replacement and repair? Let’s explore that.

Why Is My Patio Roof Leaking?

A leaking patio roof can be caused by a variety of reasons, generally from aging of the roofing materials or improper installation to begin with.Our team can inspect your current roof and determine the exact source of the leak. Once we identify the issue, we will provide a cost-effective option for repair or replacement that works best for you.

Here are some reasons that your patio roof might be leaking:

  • Poorly installed  roofing at patio edges.
  • Gaps between the roof and house due to improper flashing design.
  • Damage from storms, hail, or other extreme weather conditions
  • Clogged gutters or downspouts.
  • Water ponding on roof exceeding allowable code tolerances. 

Patio Roof Repair 

Patio roof repairs might include fixing issues such as deteriorated roofing membrane , loose joints at metal drip edge,  broken tiles or problems with the stucco parapet walls. It is important that repairs include only the highest quality materials and workmanship. That will ensure that your patio roof is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. 

Your patio might need repairs caused by the following:

  • Poor installation of the roof, resulting in gaps and cracks
  • Lack of proper maintenance leading to wear and tear
  • Damage from storms (like Monsoons) or other weather conditions

Patio Roof Replacement

In some cases, the damage to your patio roof may be too extensive for repair. In these instances, replacing the entire roof is often the best solution. This Includes removing your existing patio roof and installing a new one that meets all safety standards and looks great. Again, in order to prevent future problems, it’s important to use proper installation techniques and premium materials. You want your patio roof to provide years of shade for your patio.

The Truth About Your Patio Roof

If you see signs that your treasured shade is starting to leak and show wear and tear, call our team out to do a quick (and free) estimate. We’ll document what we find and tell you the truth about your patio roof — whether it needs to be replaced, repaired, and /or if it’s good to go as is.

Give our team a call today (480-426-1915) to schedule your estimate and get peace of mind about your patio roof.

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