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Roof Inspections for Buyers and Your Agents

We send one of our Project Managers to the property to conduct a thorough roof inspection, then provide you a complete written assessment of our findings and repair recommendations, as well as a roof drawing and photos.

We will deliver your Roof Inspection Package to you within 48 hours of the inspection itself.

Because the inspection paperwork takes several hours to complete (the inspection itself generally takes an hour or less), we require a $75.00 roof inspection fee, paid by either the buyer or realtor.

This fee is due at the time of the request for a roof inspection. We accept a credit card for this service, and waive our convenience processing fee.

Buying or selling a home?

Contact us to set up your roof inspection today. We understand you are on a strict deadline. Call us at (480) 426-1915we always prioritize inspections.

Roof Inspections for Sellers and Your Agents

We provide a written quote/response to only the roof-related items requested in the BINSR, at no charge to the realtor or client. We just need a copy of the BINSR and Home Inspection report to prepare this quote. In this scenario, we may not physically go to the property, and we will not provide a roof drawing. If you or your seller/client require a physical roof inspection and more comprehensive documentation, the deposit will apply as mentioned above.

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