Roof Inspections: What We Look For

Your roof protects you and everything in your home. That’s why people describe one of the basic needs in life as having a “roof over your head.” In the same way you take your car in for service — to avoid a breakdown — your roof needs a regular inspection and maintenance just to be safe and avoid a huge repair bill. Of course, you may need a roof inspection if you’re buying or selling a home, after a big storm, or if you notice signs of problems, such as leaks, sags, missing tiles, or shingles. But what do we look for in a roof inspection?

The Roof Inspection

Note of caution: Walking on a roof can be dangerous for you and your roof. Please hire a professional to do your roof inspection.

The irony of your roof being so important is that you can’t see it. When a water heater leaks or the fridge stops running, you can see it. But when your roof needs repairs, you may not see it until it’s too late.

Here’s what we may look for in a roof inspection, depending on the type of roof:

  • Outside: We look for missing or broken tiles, damaged or incorrectly installed flashings, cracks in the sealant, worn or damaged underlayment, and other signs of wear, tear, or poor workmanship. We check all roof penetrations and other points of vulnerability.
  • Material and Workmanship: There are so many options when it comes to materials, including tiles and underlayment. We’ll inspect the condition of your materials and the workmanship. Either can be the root cause of future problems.
  • Structure: A lot of engineering goes into the design and construction of your roof, from the framing to the roof planes. We inspect the structure of your roof.

Water is unforgiving and an expert at finding any little vulnerability in your roof. You may not notice the damage that water is causing for months or even years. If you can catch that early on or even prevent it, the money you spend on a roof inspection can save you thousands and may end up being one of the best financial decisions you ever make.

How Long Does It Take To Inspect A Roof?

A roof inspection will take us about 20 minutes to an hour. That includes both the interior and exterior portions. Here in Arizona, we recommend getting an inspection before monsoon season. If your home is hit particularly hard by a monsoon storm, we recommend getting the roof inspected right afterward, too.

The Roof Inspection Report

After we complete your roof inspection, we’ll give you a full roof inspection report. This report provides a detailed review of the condition of your roof and a list of recommended repairs. We’ll also provide any additional details that we find, including the roof’s age, manufacturing info, estimated remaining life expectancy, etc.

Get The Truth About Your Roof With An Inspection

In less than an hour, we can alleviate any worries you have about your roof with a roof inspection. With a thorough inspection of your roof, inside and outside, you’ll have the truth about your roof. You’ll know if repairs are needed now, needed later, or not at all. “A roof over your head.” Protect it.

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