Roof Maintenance Tips to Keep the Heat Out

Roof Maintenance

Are You Ready For a Cool Roof?

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your home to handle the infamous Arizona heat. And while air conditioning is key to staying cool during the summer months, roof maintenance also plays an important role. Properly maintaining your roof can also result in huge savings on energy spending over time. Read on and check out these roof maintenance tips to stay cool and keep the heat out this summer.

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Coating

UV rays can wreak havoc on a roof’s health. If your flat roof does not have a reflective roof coating to protect your roof from these UV rays, you’re leaving it open to some serious damage. UV rays can cause roofs to lose their color and strength, which can result in serious problems when it comes to keeping heat out. Applying a roof coating to protect against UV damage can help in keeping your roof protected. The best part is that one application can last up to 10 years!


Ensuring that you have proper roof ventilation can help keep your home nice and cool in the summertime. Ventilation is especially important if you have an attic, as built-up heat could leak down to the rest of your house, causing warmer indoor temperatures. Excess heat in your attic can also cause your shingles to warp and ruin your roof. To make sure your roof is ready for the summer, confirm that your ventilation system is working properly, has been cleaned out, and that there is nothing blocking it.


Maybe it seems counterintuitive, but proper roof/attic insulation can mean big savings in cooling costs for your home. Having good insulation will stop heat from penetrating barriers and leaking into your home’s living spaces. Some experts say that proper insulation can even extend the lifespan of your roof.

Shingle Color

Most roofs in the US are dark in color, which means they absorb a lot of heat. Some roofs can reach temperatures of over 190° during days of high heat and sun. These high roof temperatures can cause hotter indoor temperatures for your home. Cool Roof Technology

Cool roofs are roofs that are specially designed to keep your roof’s temperatures low by reflecting sunlight and absorbing less heat. This technology goes a step beyond just changing the color of your shingles. Cool roof technology consists of things like energy-efficient shingles with special granules that reflect the sun. Cool roofs can help with savings in energy bills and, they’re good for the environment too!

Regular Maintenance

Apart from the special measures listed above, average day-to-day roof maintenance is also important in maintaining a cool roof during Arizona’s ruthless summers. Make sure you’re still keeping up on these other tasks:

  • Gently washing your roof flat roofs.
  • Routine inspections.
  • Keeping roof and gutters clean.
  • Checking for mold and rot at the overhangs.
  • Trimming surrounding trees.

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