Roof Repairs: DIY Or Hire A Pro

Roof Repair

DIY is popular these days, with lots of how-to guides and videos online, so if you’ve noticed minor damage on your roof, it can be tempting to get your trusty toolbox and do it yourself to save some money.  But when it comes to roof repairs, is it better to DIY or hire a pro?

Common Roof Repairs

Some of the most common kinds of damage needing repairs that your roof will suffer are missing and/or damaged shingles, water damage and leaks, and clogged gutters. Some of these are easy to fix yourself – most of the time, it’s easy to unclog a gutter as long as you’ve got gloves and a good ladder – but some of them require much more intense repairs.

Is It Cheaper To Do Your Own Roofing? How Much Does It Cost To Diy A Roof?

How much it will cost to “DIY” your own roof will depend on the project you’re undertaking. A simple repair could cost as little as the tools and materials you pick up at the hardware store, whereas trying to fix major damage or even perform a reroof by yourself can be thousands of dollars. It can be cheaper to DIY, but remember that roofers are trained professionals with safety gear – if you make a mistake or hurt yourself, you could end up losing a lot more money than if you’d called a professional in the beginning.

Why Should You Hire A Roofing Contractor Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

Doing it yourself can be tempting, but there are many reasons why hiring a professional roofing contractor is a better idea. Some of the reasons are:

  • Roofs are Complex: Roofs may seem simple, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface – and the shingles – that requires professional training and experience to properly navigate and understand. In trying to repair a problem yourself, you risk making a mistake and causing more damage.
  • It Can Be Dangerous: Roofing is more dangerous than it might appear. Roofers are trained, certified, and use professional gear, which greatly reduces the chance of an accident. If you get up on your roof yourself, you’ll need to be very careful so you don’t injure yourself. If your roof is damaged, this risk is increased even more.
  • It Can Take More Time: A DIY repair may surprise you with how long it takes to complete. Professional roofers have the benefit of training and experience, so they can finish the job faster, whereas you may end up getting stuck on a project for days, weeks, or even months.

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