Staff Spotlight: Jeff Knudson


“Here we go; we’re off like a herd of dirty turtles!”

Although this phrase echoes each morning at Roofstar Arizona, owner Jeff Knudson promises that it is not a tagline for slow service. “I have no idea what it means,” he laughs.

Jeff laughs often and the team at Roofstar clearly has a good time together. Arguably, it is Jeff’s character and leadership that set Roofstar apart from other options in the area.

“We want our company to be defined by value and trust, not by cheap price,” he says.

Familiar with businesses taking advantage of customers, Jeff promises that Roofstar does the opposite. “I’ve always been sensitive to that,” he says, “which is why we will never sell you anything you don’t need. We’re determined to tell the truth, be honest, and do the work right without cutting corners.”

Jeff adopted a pastor’s advice from many years ago into his business vision: “When you’re good to others, you’re best to yourself.”

Married to Lisa for 36 years, Jeff’s love for people first and foremost begins with his wife, daughters, and grandchildren.

“We may do roofing, but we deal with people,” says Jeff. “People are our business.”

Jeff has worked hard to build his own company after decades of experience in the roofing business. He hires workers who share his values and then communicates those values to his customers, who naturally buy in to what he is doing.

“I’m out there investing a day of my life in this, so I want to do the best that I can,” he says. “I try communicating that to the guys who work here, too: you’re giving me a day of your life, so you should do your best. Invest your day in a worthwhile way. That’s our culture.”

Jeff says that roofing is something he has always enjoyed. When asked what he wants people to say about Roofstar, he says he wants them to know that Roofstar can be trusted.

“I want them to say that you can trust us,” he says. “We’re not going to take advantage of you. We do the right thing and tell people the truth.”

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