The Roofing Decision: Replace or Repair

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If your roof is old or appears damaged, it can be difficult to determine whether it needs to be replaced, or just repaired. Many issues can be fixed with proper repairs, but replacement can be safer – and could even save you money in the long run in some circumstances. So what’s the right decision – replace or repair your roof?

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

When it comes to the health and longevity of your roof, maintenance makes all the difference. Performing maintenance on a regular basis will help protect your roof and will save you plenty of money by preventing damage or wear and tear on your roof. The goal of maintenance is to assure your roof performs to the end of its designed life expectancy. Neglecting maintenance will cause premature failure of your roof. Make sure to clear your gutters, trim any overhanging branches, and keep an eye out for signs of damage on your roof, such as missing, curling, or chipped shingles, water leaks, and curling, cracked, or rusted flashing. Homes with mature trees should have roofs inspected and cleaned of debris every two years. If no debris accumulation occurs on your roof, you can do inspections every three or four years.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

For smaller, more manageable issues, repairing is almost always preferable to replacing. It’s quicker and cheaper, and saves you the hassle of a full roof replacement. But there are times when a replacement is the safest option, and a simple repair just won’t do.

Whether it’s best to repair or replace will depend largely on the age and condition of your roof, as well as your budget and how long you plan on living in the home. If your roof is over twenty years old, it may be time to replace it; if the damage is extensive, basic repairs may not be enough; and if you plan on living in your home for a long time, replacing the roof could be a good financial decision in the long run. The best way to determine if you’ll need repairs or a full replacement is to call a trusted roofing contractor and schedule an estimate. We recommend a process that will provide homeowners with the best return on investment.

Can You Repair A Roof Instead of Replacing It?

If your roof is showing signs of minor damage – for example, a few missing shingles – it’s absolutely possible to repair the area that’s been damaged, no replacement necessary. Repairs are a great option when the damage is minimal or only on a small area of the roof, and much more budget-friendly.

How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced?

How often your roof should be replaced depends on the materials used. Typically, roofs should be replaced about every twenty years; however, roofs made with slate, clay, and metal can last for upwards of fifty years if properly maintained. Check your home’s paperwork to determine if it’s time for a new roof.

What Does a Roof Replacement Consist Of?

A roof replacement consists of tearing off the existing roof down to the deck, performing any necessary repairs underneath, and then adding an entirely new roof on top of the repaired deck. A roof replacement will give you an entirely new, beautiful roof that should last you upwards of twenty to forty years depending on the type of roof and if maintenance is performed.

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