Tips for Choosing a Roof Replacement Contractor

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There comes a time in every homeowner’s journey where the roofing system begs for not just a repair, but a complete  replacement. The Arizona sun can be unforgiving, causing your roof to wither with time. Choosing the right contractor for this pivotal task can be a mountain to climb. So today, we are here to assist you in navigating this crucial process. Here is your guide to choosing the right roof replacement contractor in the Mesa-Phoenix region.

Understand the Importance of a Good Roof

Your roof is not just a part of your home; it’s a guardian shield that keeps your family safe and comfortable. Considering the adverse weather conditions that can occur in Arizona, a robust and durable roof is non-negotiable. Keeping this in mind, you need to select a contractor who understands the gravity of this task and approaches it with the seriousness it demands.

Start with Recommendations and Reviews

One of the best starting points in finding a reliable contractor is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. You could also venture online to read reviews and ratings. Consider the following:

  • Personal recommendations: Trusted friends and family members would only recommend contractors who did a satisfactory job.
  • Online reviews: Checking out online reviews gives an insight into other clients’ experiences with the contractor.
  • Response to feedback: Note how the contractor responds to both positive and negative reviews.

Check Certifications and Licenses

A reputable contractor will have all the necessary certifications and licenses, indicative of their expertise and adherence to industry standards. Ensure to:

  • Verify licenses: Check the validity of their licenses through relevant local bodies.
  • Ask for certifications: Reputable contractors will readily present their certifications, a testament to their expertise in the roofing industry.

Evaluate the Contractor’s Experience

Experience speaks volumes. The number of years a contractor has been in business often mirrors their level of expertise and the quality of work you can expect. When evaluating experience, look for:

  • Portfolio: Request to see past projects similar to yours.
  • References: Ask for references and reach out to past clients to hear firsthand about their experiences.

Obtain Detailed Estimates

A competent contractor will provide a detailed estimate that outlines the scope of the work, including labor and material costs. A ‘detailed’ estimate will include the full description of materials to be used. For example, one estimate may say “install new underlayment over the entire” roof. . . . A detailed estimate may say “install new MB Technologies TU43 SBS tile underlayment or equal over the entire roof”.  Ensure to:

  • Request written estimates: This aids in avoiding any hidden charges and misunderstandings later.
  • Compare estimates: Don’t settle for the first estimate you receive; compare several to understand the market rate better.

Communication is Key

Finally, maintain open communication with your prospective contractor, emphasizing your needs, and expectations. Observe how well they listen to you and whether they can communicate effectively.


Finding the right contractor is halfway to ensuring your new roof stands the test of time, offering the protection and aesthetic value you desire. Following the tips we have laid out will not only save you from unnecessary headaches but will guide you in making an informed decision, choosing a contractor who is right for you.

At Roofstar Arizona, we pride ourselves on being that right choice for many homeowners in the Mesa-Phoenix area. Leveraging our years of experience, commitment to quality, and transparent communication, we are here to guide you through every step of your roof replacement journey. Because at Roofstar, we’ll tell you the truth about your roof.

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