Trends And Innovations In Roofing 2021 Update


Are you building a home or thinking about replacing your roof and looking for cutting-edge technology? Whether you’re dedicated to being green or interested in the most modern roofing trends, this article is for you. If you’re looking to take your home’s roof into the future, here’s what’s going on in roofing innovations and trends heading into 2021.

Solar Energy Roofs

Solar shingles and solar panels will be two of the biggest trends in 2021. As more people turn towards alternative and renewable energy sources, these sun-soaking roofs are gaining in popularity. Going solar is appealing to homeowners for several reasons. For one, it can save you tons of money on your electric bill, especially if you live in a place where the sun shines frequently. It will also increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease its carbon footprint.

Recently, solar technology has been developed enough to create solar shingles. Unlike solar panels, solar shingles are more discrete (i.e. they won’t make your house look like some sort of spaceship).. However, regarding overall efficiency, solar panels beat out solar shingles in terms of the amount of power they can absorb. Either way, both technologies are growing in popularity and will continue to do so throughout the year.

Living Roofs

Maybe you’ve heard it being called many names: green roof, eco-roof, or a garden roof. Whatever you call it, these roofs are going to be a big trend in 2021. Although living roofs have been around for a while, it’s been almost exclusively on commercial properties. But today, more and more homeowners are installing these amazingly beautiful roofs on their homes.

The basic principle of a living roof is to have vegetation and other plants on top of several layers, one of which is a waterproof membrane. Green roofs provide several benefits: they absorb rainwater, regulate the temperature of your home, and are incredibly durable.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are really popular in residential apartment buildings because of the added living space they provide. However, this year will see more and more homeowners hopping onto the flat roof trend. Flat roofs provide a modern design and an extra outdoor living space that can be used as a terrace, porch, garden, etc. Even if you don’t want to use your flat roof for living space, there are still plenty of benefits to installing one in your home:

  • Storage space for air conditioning units or solar panels.
  • Easy and cheap to install.
  • Modern style.
  • Spacious home interior (no sloping ceilings).

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have been rising in popularity throughout 2020 and it doesn’t seem like this trend will be stopping any time soon. Metal roofs are great because of how durable and customizable they are. Homeowners can choose the color, type, and shape of the metal roof that they want to install. Metal roofs are also great insulators, meaning you’ll save on your cooling and heating bills. Even though the upfront costs are higher than other roofs, the long-term benefits of a metal roof are definitely worth looking at.

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