Understanding Roof Ventilation For Arizona Roofs


Proper attic and roof ventilation will make your whole home more comfortable and reduce costs on your heating and air conditioning bill. This is especially true for those of us who live in Arizona, where roof ventilation can make an important impact on our air conditioning costs. We would like to share with you what you need to know in order to maximize those benefits.

Roof Ventilation In Arizona

Roof ventilation in Arizona is unique in that managing heat is the primary focus and other weather issues are much less of a problem in most of the state. For us, this simply means bringing cooler air in via intakes and then ensuring the hot air gets vented out and away from the house using hot air exhaust vents. These systems also ensure that moisture can’t enter through the intakes.

Having these systems properly in place means you will avoid the incredibly high temperatures that an Arizona attic would otherwise reach, up to 160 degrees! And it maintains your roof’s structural integrity as well as its warranty.

Roof Venting

Roof venting is required by code In Arizona. Every residence must have what is termed “adequate roof ventilation” in order to meet code, so you may want to have a reputable company come out and assist if you have any concerns that you aren’t compliant, but especially if you are experiencing any problems that might indicate there is an issue with your roof’s ventilation system.

Every region of the country will have an ideal roof ventilation method. If you live where icing or mold is a problem you may select a different solution to the ideal solution for Arizona’s hot summer dangers. There are two major categories of venting

  • Natural or Passive Ventilation – where the air enters through the eaves, soffits, or any lower vent and then, as the air heats and rises, it naturally vents out via the roof’s ridge vent
  • Active Ventilation – where a turbine fan on the rooftop is pulling the hotter air that enters through the vents/soffits or eaves and is forced out the fan. They can be hardwired fans or solar-powered. These may be able to drop the temperature in an attic by as much as 40*. Of course, it is important to remember that your attic can never be cooler than outside ambient temperature no matter how much ventilation you add.

What About Solar Attic Fans?

The best way to ventilate an attic in Arizona may be the solar attic fan. You can have the best of the ventilation methods without the added cost to your electric bill of a traditional fan. However, you should always explore all your options with your trusted roofing contractor, like Roofstar. There are some cases where a powered fan can pull up from the air-conditioned air inside which would actually drive up costs, so you want expert help with this issue. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you find the ideal solution.

Types Of Roof Vents

We discussed roof vents in the sections above, but here are  the top types you will want to know about:

  • Ridge Vents – natural vent running the full length of the ridged top of a peaked roof.
  • Off Ridge Vents – natural vents placed on the sides of a roof.
  • Box (or Louver) Vents -natural square vents that can be placed along a traditional roof
  • Roof Turbines (Whirlybirds) – natural spinning fans powered by wind that creates a vacuum to pull hot air up and out.
  • Cupola Vents – another natural vent shaped attractively like a cupola
  • Powered Attic Vents -active hardwired vents that pull air up and out
  • Solar Powered Attic Vents – active solar-powered vents that pull air up and out

There are also several varieties of intake vents such as soffits, eaves, gables, over fascia vents, and drip edge vents. We would be happy to assess your homes’ intake and exhaust vents and make sure they meet your needs.

Get The Truth About Your Roof Ventilation

Now you can see the dramatic benefit of a properly vented roof and many of the excellent solutions to keep your home safe and comfortable. The system which is best for your home depends on a number of features and so you will want to contact a skilled professional, like Roofstar, to find the ideal solution for your home. Don’t wait to get a roof inspection so we can help you find that ideal solution and get you those benefits right away. You can find us at https://www.roofstararizona.com/ and give us a call to get that inspection at.

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