What Do I Need To Know Before I Get A New Roof

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Thinking of getting a new roof? Whether it’s because your roof is severely damaged, deteriorating, or just because it’s been a while since it’s last been replaced, getting a new roof is a smart move. The roof is essential to the structural integrity of your home, and making sure that it’s in tip-top shape is important for the safety of you and your family. What do you need to know before you get a new roof?

What You Need to Know Before You Get a New Roof

  • Getting a New Roof Can BeLoud: Roof work, in general, can be loud, but with something as extensive as getting a new roof you can expect some noise throughout the process.  If anyone in your family, such as pets or young children, is sensitive to loud noises, it may be a good idea to have them stay elsewhere while the roof work is in progress. In addition, it may be a good idea to let your neighbors know that noisy work will be going on.
  • You May Spend More Than You’re Thinking: Getting a roof replaced can be a significant amount of money, and you want to make sure you take the time to find the right contractor before you begin – even if that means your price tag is a little higher. But spending extra is for a trusted contractor is worth it. Your roof is an incredibly important part of your house’s safety and structural soundness. Having a roof you know you and your family can safely live under is worth the blow to your wallet.
  • You May Need to Do Away With your Old Shingles: Reroofing – placing new shingles over existing ones – is an appealing way to fix roof problems without paying as much, and is approved by local codes and manufacturers. But reroofing is often not recommended. If your old shingle roof has leaked, it’s difficult to tell if there are problems underneath If you don’t remove the shingles. An honest contractor can tell you if your roof is a good candidate for an overlay.
  • You Should Choose the Right Material: Roofs can be made out of many different materials. Most Arizona homes with asphalt shingles choose laminated shingles, as they’re durable and stand up well to heat. However, other materials, such as metal sheets, designer shingles, and even wooden shingles are excellent options. Read More: Best Roofing Materials for Arizona Homes
  • You Need to Find the Right Contractor: Finding the right contractor is an integral part of making sure your new roof is safe, secure, and long-lasting. You need roofers you can trust to do a good job. Don’t just go with the first or cheapest contractor – do your research and select the one that looks best.
  • You Should Review the Contract: Once you’re happy with your contractor, ask them for the contract and review it carefully. The contract should include everything you’ve discussed, the materials that will be used, and the work that will be done on your roof. Make sure you’re satisfied with it before work begins.
  • You’ll Need Some Paperwork: Before construction can begin, you’re likely going to need some important documents; specifically, a building permit, and a letter from the contractor’s insurance company that confirms that the work is covered.

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