What To Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Roof Replacement

Are you getting ready to replace your home’s roof? Make sure you know all the information upfront, including how long it will take and how you can prepare your house for the work. Here’s what you need to know before replacing your roof. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Replacing My Roof?

You need to do your research before installing a new roof so that you can understand everything you need to before making any decisions. Luckily, if you’re visiting this blog, you’re already done with step 1! Now, let’s discuss what you need to know before replacing your roof. 

  • Whether you really need a roof replacement. Before going through the hassle and cost of a roof replacement, have a professional roofer perform a roof inspection and tell you about the state of your roof. You may be able to do a repair instead of a total roof replacement
  • The material you’re going to use. The material you decide to use for your new roof depends on the climate where you live, your aesthetic preferences, and your budget. Having trouble deciding which roof material is best for you? Learn about the recommended roofing materials for Phoenix homes
  • Loud noises. Replacing a roof isn’t a quiet process. Prepare for lots of loud noises throughout your roof replacement. If you work from home, you may want to invest in soundproof headphones or find a quiet cafe to work in for the day. 
  • How to choose the best roofer in your area. Choosing a high-quality roofing company to replace your roof is essential to ensure proper installation and avoid common mistakes some roofing contractors make. To choose the best roofer in your area, look for someone with solid reviews and a lot of experience they can show for.  
  • The questions you’re going to ask potential roofers. When you’re looking for the best roofer for your roof replacement, you have to ask the right questions to any potential roofers. These include questions about their licensure, experience, portfolio, warranty, and more. 

Is it OK to Put a New Roof Over an Old One?

It can be tempting to layer shingles instead of replacing your roof entirely. Doing this is also allowed in Arizona. The state’s building code allows no more than two layers of shingles on a roof. However, even though you can put a new layer of roofing over an old one, layering shingles is not recommended and can cause problems down the line. 

How Do I Prepare My House for a New Roof?

To prepare your house for a roof replacement, take the following steps: 

  • Remove any objects that can fall from your walls. 
  • Clear out your yard of any furniture or other objects.
  • Warn your neighbors about the noise. 
  • Remove any antennas or satellite dishes attached to the roof.
  • Identify or provide external power outlets your contractor will be able to use. 
  • Cover any items in your attic and remove any valuables. 

How Long Does it Take to Re-roof a House?

Re-roofing a house is a fairly quick process and can be done in a few days. Sometimes, a home can be completely re-roofed in a single day. The length of time it takes to re-roof your home depends on the size of your roof, the material of your new roof, and the condition of your old one. 

Get the TRUTH About Your Roof 

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