When To Repair, Patch, Or Replace Your Roof

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Roof maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your home. But we know that it can be hard to keep up on regular maintenance, and sometimes you might lose track of what’s going on with your roof. One thing you should always be on the lookout for is signs of damage to your roof. Damage could signal a larger problem with your roof and can sometimes even mean that you need to replace it. Keep reading to learn how to know when to repair or replace your roof.

Warning Signs That a Roof Needs Repairs

While there are some obvious signs that your roof is in need of repairs, there are other warning signs that are not as obvious. Here are some of the biggest signs that your roof needs repairs:

  • Broken Shingles or Tiles
  • Moisture stains and rot at roof overhangs.
  • Leaking
  • Storm Damage
  • Higher Utility Bills ???
  • Wet/Stained Ceilings
  • Damage around chimney, vents, or pipes.

Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

Although repairing a roof seems cheaper than replacing it in the short run, doing a desperately needed repair can actually be more costly later on. That’s why there are a few things you should consider when deciding between replacing and repairing a roof.

How Old is My Roof?

If your roof is over 20 years old, it might be time for a replacement. While roofs can last longer than that, many start to deteriorate rapidly even with repairs after the 20-year mark. Some tell-tale signs of an aging roof are moisture stains, granule loss on shingles, and deteriorating underlayment under tiles..

How Long do I Want to Live in My House?

If you’re planning to leave your house soon, you may or may not want to replace your roof. Sometimes, replacing your roof can increase the value of the home right before you sell. Other times, it doesn’t matter as much.

What is My Budget?

At the end of the day, if you can’t afford to completely replace your roof, your only option may be to repair it. The best way to get a proper repair job is a quality referral from someone you trust who can recommend a trusted roofer. Getting many quotes from contractors you do not know is just confusing. Trust and honesty trump cheap work any time.

Can a Roof Be Patched Instead of Replaced?

Every roof will need to be replaced eventually. But sometimes you can get away with a good quality repair. . Repairing your roof is a good solution for minor damages such as small leaks, isolated damage, and one or two broken shingles.

When Should Your Roof Be Replaced?

Sometimes, you have no choice but to replace your roof. And you’ll never know whether you need to replace it just by looking. However, one almost definite sign that your roof needs to be replaced is age. If your roof is 20 – 30 years old, replacement better be on your radar, and sooner rather than later.

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