Will a Roof Repair Kit Work?

Roof Repair

If you’ve noticed any signs of damage on your roof, like missing shingles or a small leak, you’re probably thinking of cheap, quick ways to fix it – and you might have heard about roof repair kits, which allow you to patch up a part of your roof by yourself. But will a roof repair kit work? They may be a solution in the short-term, but do they hold up over time?

Can You Do a Patch Job on a Roof?

Roofing can be expensive – it’s no secret. The thought of shelling out a decent chunk of money just to get your roof patched up can be daunting, and understandably so. But is it worth it to do a patch job yourself?

Roofing – even something as seemingly simple as patching a spot – can be complicated and dangerous. By doing a patch job yourself, you run the risk not only of accidentally causing more damage while trying to fix a problem, but also the risk of potentially harming yourself. In the long run, trying to patch your roof yourself can end up causing more problems than you started with.

Is it Worth Patching a Roof?

If you’ve got a small area of damage on your roof, patching it up can be a good idea – as long as the damage is actually contained to that area. Sometimes, minor damage can be a small preview of a larger underlying problem – and patching it is treating the symptom, not the cause. In order to avoid this, it’s best to get a professional inspection and maintenance done to assess the state of your entire roof and prevent any issues from snowballing into bigger ones.

How Long Does a Patch on a Roof Last?

A roof patch is a great temporary solution to minor roof damage, but it’s just that: temporary. A roof patch will likely only last a few months before issues start to creep up again. While it’s a good option for certain circumstances, a roof patch should not be considered a permanent solution to a leak or roof damage.

Repair or Replace?

It can be complicated to determine if your roof simply needs a repair, or if a full replacement is warranted. Many factors will go into deciding between repairing and replacing, including the age of your roof, the extent and location of the damage, and how long you plan on living in the home. The best way to decide between repair and replacement is to get an estimate from a trusted contractor.

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